Fundraising Cause


What touches you the most?

Doesn’t it feel good to help and to forget about yourself and your worries by devoting yourself in a fundraising campaign? Let us know and change the community together with your support!

How to fundraise online for causes that matter you most?   You can fundraise with us as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1

Send us beautiful stories that inspire people to support your causes, people & more.  Make sure you put beneficiaries centre stage, telling their own stories and explaining your role in their lives in form of photos, videos, dialogues or a daily log book

A good cause can be very modest. For example, to adopt many homeless animals that you can’t normally afford to; or to use your skills to help elderly people living below poverty line to repair their home if you are a skilled handyman.

Inspirational pictures, relevant website or social media link definitely is an add on.

Step 2

Once the campaign is approved, we shall create a campaign page within our website easy for you to share it with your world and beyond.  Just a click, you can share within your social media and recruit supporters.

You need to have a well maintained social media platform, otherwise you can always rely on your KOL friends who believe in the same cause as you to help.

Step 3

10% of the proceeds that generate under your campaign code will go to your cause.


For details, please contact us  : )