Angel Affiliate

The 3.14SR affiliate program offers a great opportunity to earn commission on unique, socially conscious lifestyle products that support numerous social responsibility projects.

If you have:

- An innovative, artsy, fashion‐forward blog or social media page and;
- A minimum of 5000 followers or an average of 100 post likes,
Join the 3.14SR angel affiliate family & start earning today!


  • Simply fill the form to get started and your site (e.g. blog, Instagram, Facebook, etc) will be reviewed for approval.
  • Once approved, a promotion code will be provided
  • You will receive 10% commission on all sales made under that promotion code, excluding shipping, taxes and returns.
  • Newsletters with updates on promotions, content and sales opportunities will be provided for you to adapt and use for your own marketing efforts.



Am I obligated to place a certain number of links on my website/social media?

We ask you to tag 3.14sr in all of your related posts and put the link of our website. Your are also welcome to repost 3.14SR posts in addition to yours.

How does the angel affiliate program know when I should receive credit for an order?

The setting up of an individual promotion code allows us to track the sales generated by your code on our website. Once a month, we review it and sum up all your commissions for the past month.

Do I receive any discount on 3.14SR’s products since I am an angel affiliate?

As an angel affiliate, in addition to the discount generated by your promotion code, you will receive a silver ring for you to be able to present it to your community in your own way.

Let your creativity be expressed in your posts, as long as you feel the causes in your heart.

How do I know how much money I have earned and how do I get paid?

Every month 3.14SR will contact you to check in on the sales you generated in the last month, set up the commission and transfer it to your bank account via Pay Me.

 Will I receive any marketing material?

Yes, we will send you newsletters with updates on promotions, content and sales opportunities for you to stay relevant and adapt it to your own marketing efforts.