EDUCATION: Building Libraries In Rural Philippines

Education equips us with the foundations necessary to question assumptions in life; to tell between good and bad; and to learn from the past, so that we may build a better future. It is certainly indispensable to social progression, yet it is often a luxury not available to all.

And Minpa Garcia Gomez understands that painfully well.

HOW IT ALL BEGAN: Minpa Garcia Gomez the maid in HK

Born in El Nido in rural Philippines, where education is not something everyone can afford and where libraries hardly even existed, Minpa had no choice but to drop out after her first year of college in order help her family make ends meet. Her path has since led her to become a maid in Hong Kong, where education itself has not only become a booming market, books are actually printed, used, and discarded en masse every year.

The Movement: Village library project

The Village library project was born through Minpa’s strong desire for change, and her mission was clear: To build more libraries in rural Philippines so that everyone has equal access to knowledge; so that the poor may learn to improve their lives; so that every child may discover the joy of learning.

Discarded or unused books meant for landfill are collected regularly in Hong Kong with the help of the Philippine consulate. The books are then sorted and shipped, and finally added to the growing library collection of Bagong Bayan NHS High School in El Nido.

Future Plans

With your contribution, more books intended for landfill can be shipped to other schools in her hometown of El Nido, and possibly to other villages in the region. Better quality checks can also be conducted to ensure the right books reach the right people.

By purchasing the Golden Wisdom collection, 10% of sales will help support Minpa's mission to ensure education for all.