Our Story

About  3.14SR

Heroes. The subject of admiration in legends, folklore, and action movies. But in fact heroes walk among us every single day. That young physiotherapist down the street who works pro bono for the community elderly on Sundays mornings, for example. Sure, he doesn't have high tech gadgets nor power and fame, but to the disabled old lady who lives alone, away from the city and forgotten by family, what else could he be, but a hero in times of need?

3.14SR is an art and design brand dedicated to empowering such people to do what they always do best: helping others. We do so by delivering 3 promises:

1. Supporting small scale but meaningful social responsibility projects;

2. Through offering quality design jewelry:

3. And a commitment to donating a minimum of 10% net sales, not profit, to support these projects.

Tapping into our innate and powerful connection with jewellery design, our mission is to inspire and empower as many people as we can to simply do a little more good every day.

Because we believe that anyone can take that first step.

Anyone can become a source of inspiration.
Anyone can be a hero to someone in need.