The dolphin species needs little introduction. Beautiful, playful, and most of all, intelligent, the dolphin is smart enough to perform complex stunts in captivity, but their true home is of course the expansive warm seas of the tropics. The Chinese Pink Dolphins in particular are native only to the southern coasts of China, and is even Hong Kong's representative species during the handover of 1997.

But considering its special place as Hong Kong's most iconic marine species, it is appalling how we have pushed the Chinese Pink Dolphins out of our waters so rapidly in recent years - all in the name of economic development. Down from 188 in 2003 to just 47 today, their numbers in Hong Kong waters has dwindled significantly as a result of increased marine traffic, pollution, and construction.


THOMAS TUE (Mr Dolphin)

Raising Awareness through Education

After a fateful career change 15 years ago from the IT industry, Thomas Tue embarked on a journey to protect the Chinese Pink Dolphins. Every week, he leads educational boating trips to observe at a safe distance the majesty of these adorable animals. Through these trips, Thomas hopes to nurture awareness of our civilization's impact on nature, especially among our youth.

Joined by designer and long-time dolphin lover Sanders Ho, we present you the Pink Dolphin Hero Ring in recognition of their continued efforts to educate the public about our impact on this beloved animal.

10% of sales of the Pink Dolphin Hero Ring will help support Thomas and Sanders' fight to save this iconic species.